1.  Any poker player will tell you that two of a kind is good and one of a kind does little.

2.  Any produce is good for you, but certain types of lettuces are very, very good for you."

3.  Any questions you may regarding access should be directed to Wieck at 972-392-0888.

4.  Defensively, it helps you a lot."

5.  Defensively, you want to keep him between the tackles.

6.  Defensively, you won't find many first basemen better right now."

7.  Dennehy asserts Zantac 75 will help prevent production of "harsh burning acid" and ends with puns like "the medicine you've been burning for."

8.  Dennis Rodman is Deion Sanders without the class, if you can envision that.

9.  Densely wooded and lovely, you won't find a prettier spot to contemplate the end of the road.

10.  DENVER BRONCOS: Throw it if you can.

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