1.  " I cried in my mind, "Westerners don't like intimate touch with people whom they are not familiar with.

2.  After that, I started to talk with her as with a teenage girl.

3.  We got along with each other very well.

4.  At the party, she wore white long silk dress with light blue flowers on the lap of it, with her brown curly long hair touching her shoulders, which perfectly showed her elegance and beauty.

5.  She seemed to be extremely gentle, peaceful and considerate because she spoke gently and slowly with careful consideration.

6.  She talked patiently when we freshmen asked numerous questions, always with sweet, clear and friendly voice.

7.  It was absolutely a huge surprise for me when I saw her doing Hip-pop Dancing with great passion, wearing white sleeveless garment and black miniskirt.

8.  I was even shocked then with my mouth and eyes widely open because I just couldn't imagine that a "gentle and quiet" girl could dance so enthusiastically before.

9.  Floods of students, with innocent faces and curious eyes, start their freshmen year in the longing for an apparently different journey.

10.  She was always such a top student in school that wherever she went, even in shopping mall, on the plane, in the cafeteria she took a book with her.

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