1.  Stereotyping forced me to exclude any other talents or characteristics of a so-called good traditional Chinese girl.

2.  I can not take the subway or I have to late for the lessons.

3.  Students from western areas or countryside have fewer opportunities in various fields.

4.  Some thoughts have been rooted into people's minds and can't be removed or changed in a short period.

5.  Actually, if one person buries himself/herself in some subjects, such as science or social science, he/she may be influence by what he/she learns to some degree.

6.  Staying with science or social science for a long time, girls or boys must be influenced inevitably.

7.  The one who is cautious would be more conscientious; the one who is sensitive would be more susceptible, as a result of which, girls or boys will show more subjects' features.

8.  It seems that they will agree to what others say about the girl or the boy without any their own thought, even though many people do not know what real character of a girl or boy.

9.  Subjects are a field or direction that girls or boys select, which does not mean subjects can dominate themselves.

10.  Anytime, no matter ancient or present, witnesses its existence, so does anyplace.

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