1.  We should hang on and judge practically through further acquaintance.

2.  Generally speaking, almost everyone makes generalizations about others, which is also very common here on campus.

3.  I want to share a story of a senior about stereotyping on campus which was also my own experience during the last semester.

4.  At the party, she wore white long silk dress with light blue flowers on the lap of it, with her brown curly long hair touching her shoulders, which perfectly showed her elegance and beauty.

5.  I think that there are lots of stereotyping happening on campus, but two stories made me puzzled and impressionistic.

6.  All the professors in, so the students were getting on the bus one by one.

7.  So it is the first story of stereotyping happening on campus.

8.  It's time that the annual season of new arrivals on campus approached.

9.  University campus is deemed to be the Garden of Eden of knowledge, vitality, innovation and suchlike terms, but there're many misunderstandings, to be more exact, stereotypes on campus.

10.  After suffering the high intensity, painstaking study in middle school, a large number of students pin their hope on relaxing in university.

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