1.  " I cried in my mind, "Westerners don't like intimate touch with people whom they are not familiar with.

2.  As far as I am concerned, people are unpredictable so it is not wise to prejudge people.

3.  So it was not so hard for me to fix the image of Li Juan and believe that she must be a traditional Chinese girl who was beautiful, quiet and clever.

4.  Definitely, I was terribly wrong because not every brilliant and beautiful Chinese girl had to be gentle and quiet.

5.  It was just stereotype and most generalizations were not suitable for every case.

6.  I can not take the subway or I have to late for the lessons.

7.  But it is not perfectly correct to say that.

8.  Maybe some students think that the study itself is not the life complete.

9.  Stereotype 3: District discrimination \

10.  Girl who study science, boy who study social science\

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