1.  Although few analysts calculate earnings for Saab Auto because its shares aren't traded, shares in Investor traded at 238.5 kronor, unchanged from yesterday.

2.  Any phone company that puts loyalty above flexibility is destined for the morgue.

3.  Defensive leadership and an emotional approach for the whole team have been the keys to the San Francisco 49ers' resurgence since the devastating loss to Philadelphia.

4.  Defensive line: When Chad Eaton plays well in the middle, it creates opportunities for the linebackers.

5.  Defensive lineman Daniel Pryor of Compton College has not met the necessary entrance requirements and is not expected to enroll for the fall semester.

6.  Defensive lineman Erik Gardner (knee) was in shoulder pads and shorts for the first time since being injured in the season opener against Boise State.

7.  Defensive lineman Karl Dunbar, who spent the past two seasons as a backup defensive tackle, re-signed for one year.

8.  Defensive lineman Langston Woodberry, who enrolled last winter, won't play for personal reasons.

9.  Defensive lineman Larry Smith was suspended by Coughlin for giving center Jeff Smith a fat lip in the locker room.

10.  Defensive linemen Marvin Washington and Erik Howard each were hit with $12,000 fines for their actions last Sunday against the Rams.

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