1.  Although few analysts calculate earnings for Saab Auto because its shares aren't traded, shares in Investor traded at 238.5 kronor, unchanged from yesterday.

2.  All this should be done, Daleo wrote, by the end of the month, before the Supreme Court would recess.

3.  Although his strumming hand was mangled in a factory accident years before, he played a decent rhythm guitar.

4.  Any pesky suits, the court said, could be handled by the president's lawyers without much distracting the president.

5.  Any pesticide is by definition a poison and can be dangerous if the directions on the label are not followed to the letter.

6.  Defensive inconsistency, the soul of strong March teams, was cited, as was team discipline and mental toughness.

7.  Defensive leadership and an emotional approach for the whole team have been the keys to the San Francisco 49ers' resurgence since the devastating loss to Philadelphia.

8.  DEFENSIVE LINE _ Marc Matock's broken ankle will be a big loss since the Trojans are weakest at tackle.

9.  Defensive line coach Bill Kollar, who in 1996 granted Dronett's wish and released him, said the key is that Dronett keeps his center of gravity down.

10.  Defensive line coach John Blake said stopping Heyward and the running game is as important as slowing down the Falcons' passing game.

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