1.  Although his strumming hand was mangled in a factory accident years before, he played a decent rhythm guitar.

2.  Any pesticide is by definition a poison and can be dangerous if the directions on the label are not followed to the letter.

3.  Defensive lapses had exposed him to numerous dangerous shots, so perhaps Campbell thought a change of goalies might help his players renew their commitment to defense.

4.  Defensive leadership and an emotional approach for the whole team have been the keys to the San Francisco 49ers' resurgence since the devastating loss to Philadelphia.

5.  DEFENSIVE LINE _ Marc Matock's broken ankle will be a big loss since the Trojans are weakest at tackle.

6.  Defensive line coach Romeo Crennel will interview with the Chargers and Jets, though he already may have received an offer from the Patriots.

7.  Defensive line coaches Bill McPherson and Tommy Hart basically discovered Haley when Walsh assigned them to find a pass-rusher to replace Fred Dean.

8.  DEFENSIVE LINE: A big part of stopping Weber State's leading rusher, Morgan Welch (61 yards), goes to this often-maligned group.

9.  Defensive lineman Carl Simpson,who suffered a hip injury in the crash, could be cleared to return to practice this week.

10.  Defensive lineman Chad Hennings jabbed, "He should be a fullback; he weighs 235 pounds."

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