1.  - for making love with him.

2.  A balance is possible for both music and speech and the right adjustment will make a noticeable difference.

3.  A Barclays Deposit Account is designed to make savings simple, convenient and safe.

4.  A bird that thought so and Decided to make a meal of it would quickly die.

5.  A bomb disposal team made the grenade safe.

6.  A booming economy, low unemployment and years of peace have made it difficult to replenish the graying ranks of white supremacists.

7.  A box with a blanket draped over the top to act as a door makes a home for how many children?

8.  A brief search was made but they found nothing untoward.

9.  A calculation is made of the percentage of non-arrivals, cancellations and guests that terminate their stay earlier than expected.

10.  A call for collaboration between the four Thames regions and higher education institutions is made.

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