1.   For a finitely generated moduleE over the Noetherian ringR we consider formulas for the Krull dimension of the symmetric algebraS(E).

2.   We consider a variational formulation of the coupled model, where the turbulent kinetic energy equation is formulated by transposition.

3.   We consider an opportunity costw per server per unit of time and a waiting costh per customer per unit of time.

4.   In this paper I consider the motion of a single sheet in an equilibrium ensemble.

5.   We consider some class of systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations.

6.   We consider dissipative systems resulting from the Gaussian and alpha-stable noise perturbations of measure-preserving maps on the d dimensional torus.

7.   We consider problems of finding the maximum cut and a cycle covering for a planar graph with edge weights of arbitrary sign.

8.   In this work, we consider a simple model of reaction-limited annihilation A + B ??

9.   H, we consider the (ill-posed) problem of finding u ??

10.   We consider mixtures with rods of different aspect ratios and spheres of different diameters, and we treat them within Onsager theory.

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