1.   And now turn we to King Arthur's court and consider what befell there after Sir Launcelot and Sir Lionel had left it in search of adventures.

2.   It would pleasure us very greatly if thou wouldst consider this castle as though it were thine own and would abide within it with me for a while.

3.   But there are many things which a woman is bound to consider before she allows herself so to love a man that she can consent to become his wife.

4.   I believe if you were to propose to Mr. Kennedy to give all his property to the Church Missionaries and emigrate to New Zealand, he'd begin to consider it seriously after a time.

5.   And now we must consider what we shall do at once.

6.   You may consider this the first or the last phase of an infantry operation.

7.   If we consider their alliances, we may count it that the matter rests now between two groups of Allies and one neutral power.

8.   The colonies now sent some of their best men to Philadelphia to consider what should be done.

9.   Schools, St. Paul, Minn. : In many respects I consider it the best text-book on English History for high schools that I have seen.

10.   Oliver Emerson Bennett , Chauncy Hall School, Boston : I consider it a valuable and useful addition to my library, and a great assistance in my daily work.

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